Ten Things To-Do

As a person with a disability, you have many choices available about life decisions. The following list has ten things you should do to ensure that you are informed and making choices regarding your own life and care. If you have questions or need more information, please Ask Us How we can help, 417.886.1188 or Email Us.

  1. Register to vote and if you have a disability preventing you from getting to the polling place, register to be on the Permanent Absentee Voting List. Read up on the candidates and be an informed voter! Visit the Voter Registration page to learn more.
  2. Meet, call or write your elected officials: city council member, county commissioner, state representative, school board member and share your support and wishes as a citizen. See our How to Advocate Booklet on the Downloads page.
  3. Update your legal medical and financial documents. Possible Online Resources: Will to LiveHealth Durable Power of AttorneyLiving Will and Advanced Directive
  4. Take public transportation and find your way around your community without your car.  If you have a physical disability, test out the system for accessibility. See City Utilities Map Your Route for options in Springfield.
  5. Talk to a local business that you frequent about making sure they are accessible to customers with disabilities and offer SCIL as a resource for universal design information. See the SCIL Universal Design Brochure on the Downloads page.
  6. Update your renters or home insurance or purchase if you don’t have it today. Contact a Disability Advocate today if you need help at 417.886.1188 or Email Us.
  7. Stretch daily, it will give your muscles and limbs a refreshers and help you sleep better. Check you with your medical professional for the best options for your disability.
  8. Take a People First Language inventory and make sure you are only labeling jars, not people. See the Community Voices page for the that story. You can also check out our Disability Awareness Booklet or the Words with Dignity Info Sheet on the Downloads page.
  9. Attend a SCIL event, workshop or training and learn more about the philosophy of Independent Living. Visit the Events page for the latest happenings.
  10. Support SCIL through donations, volunteering, serving on a committee or board.