Southwest Center for Independent Living’s (SCIL’s) ACTT, Assisting Consumers Through Technology, program provides Assistive Technology (AT) devices and services to individuals with disabilities so that they can live as independently as possible.

Assistive Technology, or AT, equates to any item, piece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified or customized that assists individuals with disabilities to increase, maintain or improve their functional capabilities.

AT Services include evaluating need, assistance in selecting appropriate equipment, purchasing new, donating recycled or otherwise providing for the acquisition of the AT devices as well as training or technical assistance for the person with a disability.

ACTT Info Sheet

Using Assistive Technology to Increase Independence

ACTT offers demonstration and donation of AT from many categories to assist people with multiple types of disabilities increase their independence and safety including devices for individuals who are deaf or have hearing impairments, blind or have low vision,  or have mobility impairments.  Devices can include grooming and kitchen aids, recreational equipment, aids for television viewing and durable medical equipment.

ACTT Demonstration Center

ACTT’s Demonstration Center houses a variety of Assistive Technology (AT) and welcomes appointments to view and experiment with items. Please call or email SCIL for an appointment at the main office in Springfield.

AT Demo RoomAT Devices Available for Demonstration Include:

Hard of Hearing or Deaf

  • Smoke detectors, doorbells, baby cry signalers, bed shaker alarm clocks, personal amplifiers, TV ears

Low-Vision or Blind

  • Magnifiers, talking watches and clocks, writing guides, CCTVs, magnification software for the computer, and the Wolfner Library digital reader

Mobility Disabilities

  • Dressing, bathing and grooming aids, shower chairs, transfer benches, toilet risers, and bedside commodes
  • Aids for daily living such as key turners, writing, medication, or kitchen aids, emergency dialers, reachers

Device Recycling and Exchange

The ACTT Program accepts donations of durable medical equipment in good working condition. We loan and donate this equipment to people with disabilities with no other means of obtaining the equipment they need.

actt assistive device donation wish list

Items accepted include:

  • manual wheelchairs
  • four wheeled walkers
  • two wheeled walkers
  • standard folding walkers
  • quad canes
  • straight canes

If you have these or other items, then consider donating to SCIL as a charitable donation.

Please call or email SCIL for an appointment at the main office in Springfield.



Missouri Assistive Technology’s (MoAT) Swap n Shop

MoAT’s Swap n Shop lists all types of AT equipment for sale.  If you would like to sell or are needing tobuy equipment, the Swap n Shop may be able to help with their free “classified ads” service.

MoAT Contact: 1-800-647-8557


att phonesMissouri Telecommunications Access Program or TAP

ACTT provides telephone demonstrations for the Missouri Telecommunications Access or TAP program, which provides free adaptive telephones for people who cannot use a traditional phone due to a disability, such as hearing loss, vision loss, memory loss or mobility limitations. ACTT staff can assist in trying different phones to determine the best option and completing the state TAP application.

Missouri offers the Internet or TAP-I program, which provides free adaptive computer equipment (hardware and software) to people whose disability prevents them from accessing information on the internet. Equipment includes magnification software, adaptive keyboards and pointing devices, and speech recognition software.

Please call or email SCIL for an appointment at the main office in Springfield.

ACTT TAP Info Sheet