Technology and tools can greatly overcome the challenges that face those with disabilities.  SCIL works diligently to provide education on available technologies and support for all disabilities.  We can help individuals obtain state funding for equipment needed, teach individuals how to use that technology, and advocate for more public accessibility.

At the SCIL headquarters we demonstrate many of the available technologies and tools available, and provide hands on experimentation for many of the devices on the market.  In our technology room the community can touch and feel the options on the market so that they have the knowledge to choose the device that is right for them.

assisting consumers through technology

Assisting Consumers Through Technology, program provides Assistive Technology (AT) devices and services to individuals with disabilities so that they can live as independently as possible.

Speech Recognition Software

SCIL helps obtain Speech Recognition for controlling computers and devices with voice activated technology.

Renovation and modification projects

RAMPS provides wheelchair accessibility devices and home modifications at no charge for low income seniors and people with disabilities