Transition ServiceAt the Southwest Center for Independent Living (SCIL) we serve individuals with disabilities in many ways. Often, a person with a disability will contact us without knowing the questions to ask or the answer that will allow them to regain their independence. That’s ok, because during the in-take process, we will ask you questions to find out your challenges and return with choices and options to set your goals of independence.

Transitions for individuals with disabilities can relate to learning a new way of life after acquiring a disability, youth with disabilities transitioning into the community and adulthood, or transition from a nursing home or institution (de-institutionalization) for individuals with disabilities into their own homes in the community.

For more information, please contact SCIL and the Transition Coordinator will be glad to work with you to begin your transition and reach your goals of independence.

Check out the Stories That Matter at the right about people with disabilities that have transitioned recently.

FAQ: Do you or someone you know live in a nursing facility and would prefer to live independently in the community?


Transitions Wish List: If you would like to donate household items or cash to assist a person with disabilities, please contact us at 417-886-1188.