Consumer Directed ServicesConsumer Directed Services (CDS) CDS gives individuals the freedom of hiring and directing their own care attendants, including family members. CDS services include personal care, toileting, housekeeping, meals and transportation. SCIL provides training to consumers on how to hire, train and supervise an attendant and assigns a case worker to maintain services. Individuals living in the eight county SCIL service area can qualify.

If you are a Medicaid recipient and qualify through severity of disability and your ability to direct your own care, you may want to participate in this Consumer Directed Services program. Attendants are hired by you to assist with personal tasks you cannot perform for yourself. You may be able to stay in your own home and avoid nursing home placement, leave a nursing home and return to the community, or use this program instead of a traditional home care agency. If you are looking for more freedom and are ready for a little more responsibility, this may be for you.

For information on becoming an attendant, visit Becoming An Attendant.

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