Too often those with disabilities are given no options when it comes to receiving state care and staying in their own home. SCIL advocates for the rights of those with disabilities, and facilities three key programs to help those that wish to live at home achieve their goals.

SCIL offers two state approved care choices which allow individuals with physical disabilities to obtain assistance with personal care and daily living, while maintaining independence in their own homes and communities. SCIL offers both programs through the Missouri Division of Senior and Disability Services and accepts Medicaid. A third service, the transition service, serves to help those who are in a home to become independent and deinstitutionalize.

Consumer Directed Services

Through our Consumer Directed Services (CDS), clients are provided state funding to compensate a family member, friend, or other chosen independent to assist them in the care they need. For some, this is preferred alternative to traditional in-home care service because the caretaker is someone they are more comfortable with.

In Home Services

Through our traditional In-home Service (IHS) SCIL provides individuals care in their own homes with a care taker to assist with personal care, homemaker & chore services, respite services, advance personal care and nursing. In addition to Medicade funding, our IHS accept private pay and veteran benefits.

Transition Service

SCIL Transition Services offer individuals advocacy and education through changing times.  Often this is during de-institutionalization while transferring from a nursing home to their own home, but transition services can also assist youth disabilities while transitioning into adult hood and for adults adapting to a new disability.