Reliable Attendants Needed

Provide Personal Care for People with Disabilities

Having an attendant come into their home and help with basic tasks can mean the difference between living independently in the community or being confined to a nursing home for many people with disabilities.  You could be the person that keeps an individual independent!

Both Consumer Directed Services (CDS) and In Home Services (IHS) are frequently in need of reliable attendants, however there are significant differences in the employment process.

All attendants must pass a background check.

Job duties may include:

  • Personal Care – assisting with dressing, grooming, bathing or toileting
  • Homemaker Chores – cleaning, cooking, laundry
  • Errands – grocery shopping, medication pick up, general errands
  • Transportation – grocery shopping, doctor appointments, other essential transportation

CDS Attendants

For CDS, attendants are legally employed by the individual for whom they are providing care.  You are hired and supervised by the individual, not by SCIL.  You would provide the services listed on a care plan that has been determined by the Department of Health and Senior Services.  You may work for more than one individual, however each is considered a separate employer.

If you have an individual you would like to work for, you may print an application and information packet here:

SCIL CDS Attendant Application

SCIL CDS Attendant Information Packet

SCIL provides case management oversight, processes payroll and handles other employment related paperwork.  SCIL does not have any influence on who an individual consumer hires.  However, we do maintain a list of potential attendants that is provided to them if they request it.  CDS attendants are need in all of the counties that SCIL serves – Christian, Dallas, Greene, Lawrence, Polk, Taney, Stone and Webster.

To be added to the potential attendant list, you will need to complete an application.  You may pick up the application at our Springfield office, 2864 S Nettleton, or print one here:

SCIL CDS Potential Attendant Application

IHS Attendants

For IHS, attendants are employed by SCIL.  You would provide the services listed on a care plan determined by the Department of Health and Senior Services, Veterans Benefits, or the individual if they are paying for the service out-of-pocket.  You would provide care to the individuals assigned to you by the IHS Scheduling Assistant.  IHS attendants are needed in Christian, Greene and Polk counties only.

You can apply in person at our Springfield office, 2864 S Nettleton, or print one here.

SCIL In-Home Services Application